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Ecommerce SEO

Ask any business owner and the only thing they will want is Website Traffic which could yield them leads and product sales. Getting high volume of traffic at low cost is all they want. SEO has the power to generate huge amount of traffic on the website with clear intent from the visitors. Organic traffic with the effort of SEO gives natural and literally free traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and Duckduckgo etc. Smartphones has given the power to the people to shop online. People now trust online shopping for products ranging from clothing, footwear, grocery, electronics and what not. Ecommerce SEO ensures that product pages of your website will appear in the top ten results of the first page of Google or any search engine. To do the Ecommerce SEO the right way so that the product pages will appear in search results, it is very important to choose the right keywords. It is not always necessary to choose the keywords with high search volume. Long tail keywords with buying intent like – “Buy Shirt Online in Dayton” or “Cheap furnitures online in Columbus” are good choice.

  • Easy to Navigate Website Architecture
  • Short Page Depth
  • Optimised URL Structure
  • Solid On Page
  • Extensive Sitemap
  • Correct Robots.txt file
  • Informative and unique product title and Description
  • Efficient Server
  • Content Delivery Network
  • Page Size
  • Proper Internationalization in case the website is multi regional and multi language
  • Clear and high resolution images of the product
  • Quality Link Building
  • Customer Ratings
  • Page Load Time
  • Trust Sign from payment gateways for users
  • Server Uptime
  • Proper analytics implementation for tracking the performance and ROI
  • Schema Markup